Terrace Times

We Make You Proud Owner of a Nature Friendly Showcasable Terrace space

We work with Environment conscious building Owners to transform their mundane Terrace space to Lively, Earthy, Tradition inspired courtyard space that is in harmony with nature

What is this

With Pandemic many people restricted to work, study, & operate from home there is a greater need to have spaces that are conducive for longer working, bring in variation to the type of space we work or study or meet at.

Origin Creations has come up with an initiative which promotes people to use their terrace with a few modifications and additions. which creates better spaces to work , meet online or offline, do daily chores in spaces that are exposed to healthy natural elements.

These spaces inspired by traditional Indian courtyards or front yards which are partially shaded or partially open to sky are best ways for rejuvenation, recreation and to experience feeling of pride in owning such green spaces

Are you using the full Potential of your Terrace?

Do you miss the courtyard space from traditional homes?

Most Terraces are unused, ignored, cluttered

Do you think about Unused terrace space

Do you know the healthy potential of your terrace

Are you bored of the space you use for your work from home

Is your terrace convenient to meet your friends and spend time with family. 

Are you using the full potential of your Terrace space? for Morning routine, daily chores, work from home

Are you worried about going through the hassles of construction and getting skilled, reliable people to do construction work?

Concerned about design and execution process?

Decades of experience in Design and construction

200 + Completed Buildings

20 + years of experience

2nd Generation of Building construction Professionals

Great Benefits in using your Terrace efficiently

We build Delightful, Long lasting, Healthy Spaces

Live, work and enjoy happily in a healthy nature friendly environment

Healthy Work from Home place having Rich finish with traditional touch

Your terrace would be a great place to meet your friends and spend time with family. 

Be proud of owning a showcasable Terrace and entertain your friends and celebrate with family

Ideal open to sky space for your morning and evening routine for - meditation, fitness and daily chores

One point contact with simple Hassle free process


Steps to owning your healthy Terrace Times

1.Let us know your location, requirements and expected outcomes

2. Design process to finalize your Terrace Design, Scope of works and Total investment

3. Hassle free construction process to Realize your Better Terrace