About Us

Terrace Times is a offering by Origin Creations founded by Ramaraju G  M. Arch 

Origin Creations is a Contemporary Design and Build firm based in Bangalore. Origin Creations takes inspiration from Indian traditional values and beliefs. At the core we are focused on solving the problems of our clients, understanding their needs, aspirations, work style and lifestyle. The solutions provided are lively, contemporary, make optimum utilization of natural resources of the place and follow a simple process to realize. 

Ramaraju G M Arch MBA and Shashidhara Raju G B E founded Origin in 2004, take inspiration from their father R Govinda Raju who was a highly respected construction professional in Bangalore. They both have had extensive field experience from childhood apart from professional qualification from reputed technical and management institutions. The team has decades of experience and have had loyal clientele who vouch for reliable and high quality design and construction services. 

200 + Completed Buildings

20 + years of experience

2nd Generation of Building construction Professionals